Soup 3,30
Soup plus egg yolk or sherry 4,40
Fish soup 6,00
Lettuce, onion and tomato salad 4,40
Tomato, tuna and olive salad 8,80
Mixed salad 7,00
Potato salad 7,00
Ama-Lur salad 12,00
White tuna in brine with green hot peppers vinaigrette 11,00
Gulas salad with mushrooms and prawns 12,00
Navarra asparagus 8,00
Home-made vinaigrette anchovies 10,00
Bloc de Foie Landes 15,40
Battered zucchini with ham 11,00
Ibérico products platter 20,00
Ibérico ham or dry-cured pork loin 17,50
Salamanca chorizo (cold spicy sausage) 9,90
Croquettes or mussels 9,00
Calamari 9,00
Fried platter 13,00
Vegetables or stew of the day 5,50
Paella (wednesdays and holidays) 8,80
Scrambled eggs with prawns or ham 8,00
Scrambled eggs with mushrooms 10,00
Fried black pudding with 'pico' peppers 9,50
Cod omelette 6,00
Fried eggs with chips and 'txistorra' (fried spicy sausage) or ham 9,00
Mushrooms in sauce 8,50


Garlic anchovies 11,00
Grilled prawns 11,00
Grilled squid 14,00
Grilled king prawns 14,00
Battered hake 10,00
Fried cod with green peppers 13,00
Cod Biscay style 13,00
Cod with cod cheek and clams in parsley and wine sauce 16,00
Cod cheeks, either battered or in parsley and wine sauce 16,00
Chopped squid cooked in their own ink 16,00


Veal ribs 9,50
Pork loin and chips 8,80
Half a chicken and chips 9,00
Chicken pieces and chips 18,00
Steak and chips 7,70
Escalope and chips 8,80
Ama-lur escalope (stuffed) 11,00
Rioja style snails (with tomato, 'chorizo' and ham) 13,20
Lamb cutlets 15,00
Roast lamb (sundays and bank holidays) 15,00
Entrecote steak 15,00
Entrecote steak with Roquefort 17,00
Roast ham hock and chips (2 persons) 18,00
Sherry kidneys 11,00
Meatballs 8,50
Grilled quails with peppers 12,00
Home-made tripe 8,80


Cheese and blueberries 4,40
Truffle 4,40
'Panchineta' tart 4,40
Basque cake with ice cream 4,40
Tart assortment 8,80
'Tejas' (traditional wafers) with chocolate and cream 5,00
Roast apples and cream 3,30
Lemon ice-cream with 'tejas' (traditional wafers) 5,00
'Contesa' ice-cream 3,50
Lemon sorbet with cava 4,40
Whisky ice-cream cake 4,40
Lemon mousse 2,70
Seasonal fruit 2,50
Natural or flavoured yoghurt 1,80
Cold custard 2,70
Curd yoghurt 3,00
Rice pudding 3,50
Crème caramel 3,30
Ama Lur crème caramel (with cream, chocolate and walnuts) 5,00
Idiazabal cheese with quince jelly 6,60
Irish or Scottish coffee 6,00 (10% VAT INCLUDED)
restaurant pass sodexo in gros (donostia-san sebastián) cheque gourmet in gros (donostia-san sebastián) ticket restaurante in gros (donostia-san sebastián)